Creative Portraits Gold Coast

Recently I got to spend some time with a collection of my favourite people for a mutual portfolio collaboration. Thrown together in whirlwind time I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoons play. Explore creative portraits Gold Coast style with Steve McMarson!



A big thankyou to Model Pene Gormley, Makeup Artist Suzi Heagney and Photographic Assistant and general MacGyver Ray Leech. I don’t hesitate for a minute in recommending these crazy talented people for photo shoots, video production, moving house, baking pies etc.


creative portraits gold coast


As mentioned, this shoot was thrown together in pretty short time. Suzi whipped up the dress in what felt like a blink of the eye and we sent a couple of emails back and forth to come to agreement on a general ‘vibe’ for the look. Suzi has a great sense of humor and her skills with the brush and gun are ‘fully wicked!’

Poor Pene didn’t really have any clue what she was up for, I expertly ducked and weaved around her repeated requests for a mood board. Luckily for us, she proved to be Jedi level good at climbing mounds covered in slippery pine needles, clambering over rocks and being really good at just appearing from behind far away things really really quickly! Not just a photoshoot but a workout as well! I am sure she slept soundly!!

Things I learnt about Pene on this shoot:

1. She doesn’t like it when she arrives without make-up and I call her a train wreck (pfft models can be so temperamental)
2. She is at least half spider
3. You don’t get time to pose Pene – Pene ‘becomes’ the role and nails the look very quickly. Keep up or go home!

Ray was far less graceful on set and managed to slip over a couple of times on the treacherous slopes – but somehow still managed to keep reflectors, flashes and camera gear upright and in the right place while doing so. With a knack for always having exactly what you need tucked away in a case or bag – he sets a very high bar for photographic assistants!

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creative portraits gold coast



Steve McMarson is a multi award winning portrait and wedding photographer based in South East Queensland. Specialising in blending the everyday with the epic, the studio’s motto is Atmospheric, Elegant and Enduring. Creative Portraits Gold Coast!