School Formal Photography

School Formal Photography

School formal photography on both the  Gold Coast and Brisbane offer a multitude of amazing parks and architectural features to work with.


School Formal Photography

I really enjoy working with young people. School Formal Photography is one aspect of running a photography business where I get to spend time with them looking like a million dollars!

Life moves pretty fast! Documenting significant life events like a school formal is really important.

One big advantage of commissioning a private photographer is that the images produced will be original and customised – not the one size fits all variety that they tend to get inside their formal venue.

The process is pretty simple. I get a call, usually from a parent, asking about a portrait package and we organize the who/what/when/where etc etc. Normally we meet at a park and I photograph the family, then the graduating student and their partner.

This particular family opted to have me meet them at a hotel room at the Mercur to document the getting ready aspect of the big event. From there we moved through the hotel. I like to shoot the images with a fashion/editorial edge.
I really loved photographing Chantelle. A super pretty girl in an amazing beaded dress – her confidence and poise in front of the camera was amazing.

With three school formals on concurrently at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, it was a lengthy wait before the car arrived. It was a genuine treat watching the broad range of cars and bikes arrive.

A memory from the day that will stay with me is when the car depositing the kids broke down and needed a push start from onlookers to get started.

Atmospheric, Elegant and Enduring! School Formal photography Gold Coast and Brisbane by multi-award winning portrait and wedding photographer Steve McMarson.

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