Cedar Creek Estate Winery

If home is where your heart is at – Cedar Creek Estate Winery must be my home away from home. I just love working this venue so much! What makes it such a great place to work at? I could mention the stone chapel with the arched windows and timber floors. I could list the merits of the grounds, which include a gorgeous driveway approach, feature trees, ponds (love my reflections), the vineyard orchard or the ample space to move in the reception room.

cedar creek estate winery cedar creek estate winery

cedar creek estate winery
However, the main reason I love working there so much is that like all the venues I have worked on Mt Tamborine, the staff are incredibly friendly, experienced and professional. Regardless of the time of day, year and what the weather is doing, everything runs smoothly and without fuss.

cedar creek estate winery
Rewinding a number of years – I first met Sarah when she was a bridesmaid in her sister Rachel’s wedding party. Rachel and Ben were married at another Tamborine Mountain Wedding Group venue in Albert River Wines.

Here is a recap for anyone who was following me back in the day! More recently Rach has been my Happy Australia Day message!

view from Mt Tamborine

To get the call up for a second wedding in the same family is always lovely. I think over the years I have doubled up shooting sibling weddings a half dozen times.

Some of the highlights for me of this wedding included the arrival to Cedar Creek Estate Winery by helicopter of the groom and his merry men.

As you can see from the images below, Matt was rock solid the whole day.  In reality, Matt’s tears were a bit of a theme at the ceremony … and this is not one of those occasions where a lot of photos were taken in that one time he shared one tear .. the guy basically blubbered from start to finish …  (seriously man, get your sh@t together) 😀

So many ways to stitch Matt up with this image – what exactly are you describing the size of here mate? I’ll let the readers make their own mind up!


And perhaps my most favorite part of the wedding, the speeches, which were heartfelt, engaging and highly humorous in exactly the correct proportions. Of course documenting the decline into chaos on the dancefloor was fun as well!


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