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School Photos – Atmospheric, Elegant and Enduing School Formal Memories.

Not everyone can wear red.  Whitney didn’t just wear red, she owned it!!  Her formal gown was beautiful! Accessorized with Christian Louboutin’s and the allure of Chanel No 5, her school photos were given an extra sense of WOW by her choice of transportation, an immaculate 1957 Chevy.

school photos


Taking school photos for events such as formals is a lot of fun.  The energy of young people is infectious and, generally speaking, it is one of the first times they have gone all out to look like red carpet material.  It is just a really nice part of their lives to document.

  school photos

I also have to add that I too had a rock-star moment when I walked into the hotel that Whitney was getting ready at.  A staff member walked up to me and said “OMG I know who you are – you’re that totally amazing photographer – can I get your autograph?’.  Okay – so maybe I am embellishing that just a bit – but there is no-one here right now to curb my HUGE EGO!!

Over the years I have photographed a lot of formal portraits and school photos for seniors.  I tend to approach it a little more fashion/editorial than straight down the line portrait.

Most schools, if not all, hire photographers to take the cattle class, one lighting pattern fits all, type image at the venue.  I much prefer these private bookings as the results are just a little bit more epic.  I don’t see the point in spending so much money on the formal and then not getting amazing images!

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