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This wedding features not one but two amazing wedding dresses, a cake that defies belief, an incredible cathedral service and the wonderment of the rabbit-hole’s end that is Cloudland Wedding Photography.

Cloudlands Wedding Photography cloudlands wedding photographycloudlands wedding photography

cloudland wedding photography

Beth and Rom were married in Brisbane.  Wedding photography in Brisbane offers a diverse range of landscapes for wedding photographers to work with.  This particular wedding afforded me an architecturally rich environment in the form of Cloudland’s and St Stephens Cathedral. Cloudland Wedding Photography is truly one of the most surreal experiences I have had with a camera. I was almost overwhelmed with the possibilities.

cloudlands wedding photography st stephens cathedral Cloudland Wedding Photography
I commenced my day feeling a bit like a Rock Star.  As I arrived at the Sofitel, where both the bride and groom were getting ready, I was greeted by a staff member with a line like ‘I know you’ … yeah that’s right I am way famous!

Starting with the boys, I photographed details like aftershave, cufflinks, the button hole flowers, wedding rings and candid images that captured the general levels of nerves and excitement.

Upstairs, the girls were quite a bit busier.  With amazing hair and makeup being applied by The Powder Room, the room was a buzz with chatter and energy.  I got to meet both Beth and Rom’s mums’ during this time, which was lovely.

     sofitel brisbane   sofitel brisbane
With Rom and Beth’s love of Sri Lankan culture evident in the general theme and style of much of the wedding décor, it was lovely to have traditional elements blended into the celebration.

Every wedding day has its challenges – usually it is in the form of thunderstorms, hail, lighting, heat, floods, crowded places etc.  This wedding’s challenge was the vampire/werewolf dichotomy that exists between Photographer and Videographer.  With no word of a lie, this over enthusiastic videographer inserted himself into every key moment of the day.  I could have designed a wedding album which had him in every scene – it would make a novel entry into the wedding photography awards.

st stephens cathedral       st stephens cathedral

A huge shout out must go to florist MossnStone and the immaculate vehicles of Gold Coast Luxury Vintage Cars. In addition Sugar and Spice Events for logistics on the day.

  mossnstone florist mossnstone florist

With the dining concluded, it was time to crank some tunes and party .. and what a party it was!! I stay until the end of the reception – guaranteeing that a broad cross section of photographs are taken.


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