Gold Coast Fitness Models

It is always lovely to photograph athletes. Gold Coast fitness models, whether they are synchronized swimmers or bodybuilders, there is a certain satisfaction that comes from being around positive people.  In particular, I enjoy photographing Fitness Models and fitness competitors. In recent years I have noticed an increase in the number of Brisbane and Gold Coast Fitness Models coming into the studio for both personal and professional portfolio’s.

Gold Coast Fitness Models


I think I admire fitness models so much because they put incredible time and commitment into pushing and challenging themselves. I don’t think that they truly appreciate how amazing they look until they see themselves through the perspective of someone else.  I have actually had fitness models in disbelief over how amazing they look.
Gold Coast Fitness Models   

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Courtney Angilley.  Courtney is no stranger.  I  photographed her wedding, her maternity images (Yeah that’s right, she is a mother of two young children) and several shoots for her modelling agency portfolio.  I have watched her transition from fashion model into fitness model. My admiration for her determination and drive is genuine.

Courtney, AKA Bambi, spent much of 2016 competing in a range of fitness events around Australia.

This is what Courtney had to say about her fitness calendar experience:

?? a whole entire calender of myself ?? now to be my own motivation each and every day ?? so proud and greatful I have you… (one of the only very few people I’d ever trust and feel comfortable enough to shot this!!) Ill be looking at this in endless years to come thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!

Gold Coast Fitness Models Courtney Angilley Gold Coast Fitness Models Gold Coast Fitness Models
Are you a Brisbane or Gold Coast Fitness Model? Enjoy the unique benefits of an acreage based photography studio (half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast).  Specifically, blend a studio shoot with natural environments such as rivers, cliff faces and urban backdrops.

Here are some earlier shoots that I have done with Courtney.

Here are some more recent shots of Courtney, just prior to winning her Bikini Model Pro Card.

gold coast models gold coast fitness model fitness model fitness model gold coast

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