Editorial Photography


Editorial photography by Steve McMarson. This one is from the vault! September/October 2013!!

editorial photography editorial photography

Adelle-Marree, former Miss Ink Australia runner-up, was my choice of Brisbane Models for an editorial I put together for Inked Magazine (Aus/NZ).  In conjunction with makeup artist Maria Rivera, with whom I have done a bunch of work with, this was a really fun editorial photography project.

editorial photography
With hair and make-up being done in a multi-level car park, the entire shoot was very raw and organic.  Essentially we took a stroll around the Valley in Brisbane, setting shots up on the fly.

Editorial photography can be a bitter sweet arrangement.  If is really important to make sure that you have defined your target magazine/s prior to designing the shoot.  The hard way to learn this lesson is to invest time and money on a shoot that magazine are not interested in publishing.

Even when a shoot has been tailored to a set market, there is no guarantee that magazines will pick up your work. Editorial photography, thy nature is bittersweet.  The time between getting your photos in front of an editor and getting green lights to then being published, can be months! It is hard to sit on images that you are excited about and want to share.  However, any leaking of images to the public prior to publication can be fatal for your glossy feature prospects!

The payoff though is well worth it.  There is something quite exciting about receiving a copy of your work in print.

A part of the process that always interests me is the images that editors choose to include and those that they reject.  I guess it is highly subjective.  What I think would look great as a double page spread may not even get a look in!

Steve McMarson is a multi-award winning Australian photographer who specializes in wedding and portrait photography.  During the 15 years that he has been in business, his work has been featured in a range of online and international print publications.  His full portfolio can be viewed at: stevemcmarson.com.au