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Personal Trainer/Mum/Fitness Model Jo Black.


Working holidays are the best! Working holidays that include a fitness model in a beach paradise are right up on my list of great times with a camera.  With some targeted Facebook advertising, it is not hard to reach a local audience and secure paid work.  Making money while holidaying is great.  The best part though, is that when holidaying in an environment I don’t often work in, there is the opportunity to shoot images purely for enjoyment.

Jo is a personal trainer and champion fitness model.  During the year I had put out a casting call for a fitness model for a calendar project.  While I didn’t end up working with Jo on that project, I kept the lines of communication open for an occasion such as this.


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Jo travelled around 2 hours to get to the shoot – so no pressure on me to get a great result!  I think we kicked off around 9am Queensland time and spent the best part of 2 hours on the beach. In terms of beach portraits, it is usually better to be shooting with sunrise and sunset unless you really have your head around your camera settings and have a clear artistic objective in mind.  I enjoy a challenge though and think that these images are rather smashing!


Due to the impromptu nature of the session, I sent through a mood board and largely left costume selection to Jo.  When Jo arrived we had a quick look at her options and settled on 4 looks and got down to the business of shooting a portfolio of images.


Obstacles that Jo had to overcome included waves crashing in close proximity behind her. She did an exceptional job of blocking out the sense of an impending wipe-out, sultry not salty was our objective! Jo also had to contend with some really direct sunlight bouncing off the white sand.  Strong glare and looking as glamorous as Halle Berry emerging from the ocean in a Bond film are not always compatible! However, I think Jo nailed it!

We also had a fun moment when a primary school excursion to the beach walked passed.  Enough said on that!!

gold coast fitness models


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