Weddings Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove | Gold Coast

  This blog features images from weddings Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast. Sara and Jamie were married in the private chapel located at the Intercontinental Hotel at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast. A wedding day with a unique story, it was very clear to me that Jamie and Sara are two peas in a very far out pod! Both are extremely hard working and creative people who somehow manage to pull off being great parents and successful business people.  They seem to live in the eye of the hurricane! While things around them are being rattled they remain calm and purposeful! The video below is not an actual wedding album.  This is one of the brag books that come with my entry level digital packages.  
And if you are just here for a flick through, here are some of the wedding images as still images, the way god intended for them to be ;P Weddings Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove


Jamie is a techno wizard!! He used software to animate the story of how he and Sara met.  It documented their lives together up until the present day. He used all sorts of dark magics and computer whizzbangatree to have it project onto the cake.  The cake itself had two faces.  One face was a normal wedding cake, the other side flat surfaces for the images to project on to. This was the cake in one of its Standby modes! I will have to see if the full video of it telling the story is available and post a link to it!     Steve McMarson is an award winning photographer based in South-East Qld.  With a studio in the foothills of Mt Tamborine, he enjoys photographing weddings in both rural, coastal and city environments.  To see his full wedding portfolio visit