I think just about everyone loves a holiday adventure.  Bec and Lloyd REALLY like adventures and travelling, so they decided to have a destination wedding in Fiji.  Hosted by the Outrigger Resort, the wedding brought together friends and family from all over the world.  An especially large South African contingent added a unique flavour to proceedings. When planning their wedding, Bec and Lloyd were a little hestitant to lock in the wedding photographers Fiji based that the resort recommended.  While the local teams usually know the terrain the best, viewing and collecting photos, organising album formats etc can become tricky when you return to your home country. A quick google search also revealed that they were quite pricey by Australian package standards.

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For this reason, as a photographer local to them here in Brisbane/Gold Coast, they flew me out a few days before the wedding so that I could familiarise myself with the surroundings.  And I have to say, being flown about to shoot weddings does make you feel a bit like a rockstar! As did the positively massive room I stayed in at the Bedarra Beach Resort (I think it was the honeymoon suite). Shoutout to the staff there, you are amazing!

When you think Fiji, you tend to imagine blue still water and clear bright skies.  That is exactly how I found it to be .. everyday except for the wedding day that is!! The weather moved in at around midday and kept us glancing to the heavens for most of the time we were out taking photographs.  The wind was also doing crazy things to everyones hair – but when all is said and done, the best thing to do is just to get out there and embrace it!

Wedding Photographers Fiji Wedding Photographers Fiji wedding photographers fiji

 But I get ahead of myself.  Let’s get back to Bec & Lloyd getting ready at the Outrigger Resort. Bec used Totoka Hair and Makeup who did an amazing job getting her and her bridesmaids, mother, aunties and mother-in-law ready for the big day.

Downstairs the boys were chilling out after a morning gym session – hard to believe that these guys work out right? With some last minute vows being written, it was suprisingly calm waters!

The location for the ceremony is nothing short of incredible.  Overlooking the surrounding countryside, the chapel offers great views of the coastal waters and Outrigger resort.  

The Outrigger


A few days before the wedding I had scouted the terrain and knew exactly where I wanted to go.  The only potential obstacle at this stage was that the clouds with silver lining had really become a heavy, rain ladden sky.  Even so, we set off in a couple of golf buggies and captured some amazing memories.  Having a couple locals on hand to reassure me that the worst of the rain would push behind us alleviated some of my concern, however, the sky was moving very quickly and who incredibly diverse.  One moment dramatic cloud, the next dark grey with shifts of rain and then sunshine.


We did our best to get down to the water.  It was windy and wet and very dark. With a lens that was thoroughly drenched I got off a few shots prior to the end of this part of the wedding day.

The reception was awesome.  Under a semi-enclosed structure the food was good, the guests ready to party.  Speeches were sincere, heartfelt and humorous.  The dancing really bad (the best sort).  But the party did not stop at the reception.  Guests headed down to one of the Outriggers clubs for the afterparty where a group with amazing vocalists were playing.

All too soon I found myself back at Fiji’s postcards perfect airport.  Assignment complete but eager to return to experience more of the hospitality of one of the friendliest cultures of people I have met


Steve McMarson is a multiaward winning portrait and wedding photographer.  In 2018 he was the GWA’s Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year.  Based in the Gold Coast hinterland, he is available for wedding both Australia wide and globally.  To learn more about his work and services,  visit stevemcmarson.com.au



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