WANT TO SAVE $300.00??


I am a huge believer in supporting local business.  As a proud member of the Tamborine Mountain Wedding Group I am always eager to work with the amazing wedding professionals that make up its membership.  They say talk is cheap. So let me put my money where my mouth is. New weddings booked with me from August 2017 will receive $50.00 off for each member of the TMWG that  they use, up to the amount of $300.00.*

Now why would I go and discount my already amazingly competitive prices? The main reason is that I want you to have a relaxing, no hassle wedding day.  I know that my colleagues on the mountain are all on top of their game and do an amazing job.  That in turn gives me one less thing to worry about!! My discount to you is an investment in them saving me time and sometimes even frustration.

So with pretty much every wedding service you can think of on offer, why not use highly skilled professionals with a proven track record, while saving some money on your wedding photography at the same time?

How do you claim your discount? Easy-peezy.  During your complimentary pre-wedding shoot that comes as an inclusion in all of my packages, we talk about the logistics of the day and who your service providers are.  I will note down the relevant businesses during that meeting and take it off your final payment (which is usually due a couple months after your wedding).

Click on the logo below to visit the list of available services and venues on offer.

Tamborine Mountain Wedding Group


* Please note that this discount only applies to my entry level package and not the larger album packages.

** Many Tamborine Mountain Wedding Group members travel throughout south-east Queensland for weddings.