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All of our Gold Coast, Brisbane and Mt Tamborine wedding photography packages represent excellent value for money. I look forward to answering any questions you might have.

Steve McMarson is a multi award winning professional portrait and wedding photographer. With extensive experience in shooting weddings (800+) in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Mt Tamborine areas, our services are characterized by attention to detail, creativity and a sense of fun.

Whether it is an inner city wedding in Brisbane, marriage on the beaches of the Gold Coast, or raising a glass among the vineyards of Mt Tamborine – we have had extensive experience in capturing all of the emotion of a wedding day!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Money Side of Things Work?
As a general rule of thumb, I take $1500.00 before the wedding day.  I am happy for this to be split up over 3 x  $500.00 payments. The balance of your wedding package will be due around 2-3 months after the date of the wedding.  This is designed to give you a chance to put some beans back in the bank while I work some magic on your images.
What Forms of Payment do you Accept?
The studio is equipped with EFTPOS facilities.  It accepts Mastercard, Visa Card and savings card from the major banks.  Sadly American Express is not something that I can do.  I also offer internet transfers and of course the gentle caress of cash is always welcome!
What if it Rains on my Wedding Day?
We get wet! But we will have a fabulous time doing so and capture a range of amazing, atmospheric images.  If you have a few brollies on standby they will keep you a touch bit drier .. but honestly, accept the inevitable now .. I will have you dancing like a mad thing in the rain on your wedding day and somehow convince you that it is absolutely the best idea ever!
What is a Pre-Wedding Shoot?
The pre-wedding shoot is both a couples portrait shoot and an education session.  During this time I will get you to run through the logistics of your wedding day so that I know what is going on and when.  We also spend time role-playing key moments of the wedding day.  During this time I offer you the benefit of over 10 years experience of shooting weddings.  After all of that, we go for a walk and take some photos.  Essentially it is a great way for us to get to know each other better!
What is the Studio Bridal Shoot?
The studio bridal shoot is an opportunity for the bride to come into the studio (possibly on a trial hair and makeup day) and get some artsy images taken of her wearing her gown.  
Can I Save Money by Cutting Out Inclusions?
No.  I only shoot a set quota of weddings per year and I always hit my quotas.  From a business perspective, it makes sense that I only shoot weddings that offer me the fullest yield.  Besides, most of the inclusions are totally amazing and a lot of fun to participate in.  I am always happy to offer flexible payment options if needed.
What is A Selfie Camera?
A Selfie Camera is basically a photo booth without walls .. or a printer .. or an attendant .. or a curtain … My selfie camera is a Camera on a tripod with a remote control that your guests can use to take small group shots with.  It gets set up in a corner, or against a wall and you, your friends and family, take shamelessly half drunken photos.  Add some props (not supplied) and you have a fun activity that costs you nothing!
What Type of Photo Albums do you Supply?
The best way to find out is to make a time to come into the studio and have a chat.  View samples first hand and ask as many questions as you might like.
Do You Charge for Travelling?
When the wedding is local to South-East Qld, generally no travel expenses are incurred. You will need to pick up the tab on any parking costs if your hotel/venue does not offer a service provider rate.
Do I Need To Supply the Photographer With A Meal?
Hell yes! It just looks messy when I am sprawled in the corner passed out from lack of nutrition. By the time I leave the studio to returning it is usually around a 12-14 hour day I have put in.  Asking the venue for a service meal for the photographer keeps me upright and you happy with the results!
Do You Give Refunds?
As much as I would love to give refunds, making a commitment to have me photograph your wedding is exactly that.  As I only shoot a set number of weddings each year, once I fill the quota I stop taking bookings. When a wedding is cancelled, I am denied the opportunity to earn an income that I could have made through a wedding booked with someone else.  The good news is that if it is only a date change, I am happy to transfer the deposit to that date (if I am available). 
How long does it take to get my wedding photographs?
I wish that I could give you a one size fits all response.  The reality however, is that I am a sole operator and there are periods of time when I shoot 5 weddings in 8 days! My busiest times of year are March-April-May and September-October.  As a really rough indicator, 3 months turnaround for digital packages and 4 months for album packages. 
Wedding Photography Packages